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 about me 

Guide, Support, Encouragement

After the tragic death of my newborn son in 1988, I changed the entire direction of my life. I had to. I was severely depressed, living each day feeling lost, confused and full of despair. Some days I just couldn't stop crying. Everything hurt, and I turned to drugs for relief.


Gratefully, my family coordinated an intervention and slowly, I began to recognize that I had access to some amazing people who helped me slowly regain my life. There were famiy, friends, teachers, mentors, spiritual guides, and Life Coaches. With their help and my strong desire to return to my "true nature" I began this journey.. If it hadn't been for these caring and compassionate individuals, I am not sure I would be here today.


I slowly began to crawl out of my depression. It was a process, one that ultimately lead to my life-long pursuit to learn how to live with clarity, compassion, and inner freedom.


I challenged myself to learn everything I could on how to make these changes. Though I didn't really know what my first step would be, I was able to surrender to the uncertainly of HOW it would happen, or WHEN. 

I am here to offer you the guidance, support, and encouragement. Our life mastery coaching sessions will provide you with the tools and practices to courageously step forward on your path of self-discovery. The shared agreement that I invite you to accept is that our time together will be rooted in the understanding that this is your journey. My role is to provide you with a safe space where you can confidently step forward and exponentially expand your AWARENESS of who you truly are and discover the greatness that resides within you. Tapping into the intelligence, beauty, and wisdom that you possess. My presence will be to steady your steps and offer you processes to help you develop the inner structures that will help you discover your truth.


There is nothing more powerful than you deliberately choosing to focus your attention, and your energy,

to the process of self-mastery. The BEST WAY to start this inward journey is with you saying to yourself “I’m all in”

I have been blessed with a career spanning more than 20 years of successfully mentoring, coaching and guiding others!  

I began cultivating my coaching and mentoring skills in 2000 when I took a deep dive into the human resources profession and began developing training and mentoring programs. My career spans more than 20 years of dedicated service for several government agencies including Contra Costa County, Orange County and Los Angeles County. 

In 2014, I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and since then I have continued to deepen my commitment to be of service as a Life Mastery Coach, working with individuals on a one-on-one basis; and with entrepreneurs, business leaders, management teams as an Executive Coach.


I have completed several certification programs in meditation, coaching, mentoring, and various modalities of energy work. I stepped into a leadership role by creating several training programs, in person and on-line, and have established a supportive Facebook Community as a safe space for sharing, growth and transformation. 

This is my soul’s calling. I am here for you.

Are you ready?

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