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What is a
discovery session? 



to join me in deeper, heart-centered conversation, where we will begin to explore how life mastery coaching can nourish, grow, and reveal the mastery that is within you -- 

the discovery session is an exciting first step, one that I truly enjoy because it is a wonderful opportunity for us to establish an intimate, genuine, and open dialogue where we get to explore the exciting possibilities of working together with one goal in mind, you becoming the fullest expression of the person you were created to be!

 In this complimentary discovery session, we'll spend approximately thirty (30) minutes where I will begin to gather the reasons why your participation in this pathway to self-mastery is so valuable; and to share with you why our working together matters to your future self. My goal is to make this discovery session  a conversation where you will already begin to feel that this is a safe, supportive, and welcoming space that has been created especially for you.

I invite you to say yes to a complimentary discovery session and allow me to help you go over the Life Coaching plan options. It matters a great deal to me that you select the plan package that is best suited for your heart's desires, and goals.

Sandy Beach

 To become a

 master at any skill,

 it takes the total   effort of your   heart,

 mind & soul,

 working together

 in tandem " 

 Maurice young 

This is my soul’s calling.

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