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IMAGINE that life was like the vast ocean

and you are getting ready to set sail on the journey of a lifetime, but before you leave the shore you have taken inventory of all the equipment, tools, skills, and supplies that you need to successfully navigate your vessel.

As a responsible captain, you recognize that there are some things where your inventory is low and it is vital that you take the time to replenish your stock of supplies. This could include certain maritime skills that you would like to strengthen so that you can confidently navigate the powerful, and sometimes treacherous, currents of the sea.


Life Mastery Coaching offers you the programs, tools, and guidance to help you feel "sea-worthy" -- to confidently accept your captaincy role -- every individual life mastery coaching session is designed to help you discover and cultivate self-mastery. With each session, there will be suggested action steps, each one will be offered with intention to keep your energy focused on this discovery process and to inspire you to reach for greater vibrational alignment with the mysterious, magical and magnificent encounters of the sea. 

To receive in-depth guidance, coaching, and support, I invite you to come and take a deep dive with me.

I am a seaworthy and skilled captain who has spent many years learning the key principles of self-awareness and the importance of harnessing the collective power of the mind, body, and soul to help you discover the masterful skills for "celestial navigation".

This is what Life Mastery Coaching is about. It is one-on-one coaching that offers you the unique opportunity to receive the guidance, support, and encouragement to discover your self-mastery.

To discover the greatness that resides within you.

Tapping into the intelligence, beauty, and wisdom that you possess. My presence will be to steady your steps and offer you processes to help you develop the inner structures that will help you discover your truth.

The shared agreement that I invite you to accept is that our time together will be rooted in the understanding that this is your journey. My role is to provide you with a safe space where you can confidently step forward and expand your awareness of who you truly are so you can gracefully and harmoniously commandeer your great vessel.

the adventures of the sea,

      your ship,

      your crew,

    all await the arrival

    of their great captain 

    -- you!


The BEST WAY to start this journey is with you saying “I’m all in”. 

Each coaching session will create the opportunities that you seek to breakthrough old ideas, and experience breakthroughs, and inspired thoughts about your future. 

I have been successfully mentoring, coaching and guiding others for more than 20 years!  I began cultivating my coaching and mentoring skills in August 2000 when I took a deep dive into the human resources profession and began developing training and mentoring programs for several government agencies in Southern California, including Orange County and Los Angeles County. 

In 2014, I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and since then I have continued to deepen my commitment to be of service as a Life Mastery Coach and Executive Coach. I have completed several year-long certification programs and have lived fully committed to fulfilling my mentoring and coaching roles. During the past several years, I have successfully created several on-line courses that have assisted people to identify their energy blocks and limiting beliefs to free them to enrich their personal relationships, transform their thinking, and live aligned with their highest good. 

My role is to assist you throughout this process and help you discover new pathways to living a life with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

To further assist you, I have also created a very supportive community on Facebook. This community is a safe container for individuals to share ideas, build relationships with like-minded beings, and find support throughout the transformative process. 

Beach Vacation

This is my soul’s calling

I am here for you

Are you ready?

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