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Unlike anything we've experienced IN RECENT HISTORY, 2020-2021,

has completed reshaped how businesses hire, retain, and promote their employees. The workplace has been forced to quickly adapt to major social, environmental, and political changes.The old business model of working in an office, Monday - Friday, 8-5, has had to give way to new alternative and flexible schedules, remote work, shorter work weeks and improved hiring practices.

This is why, in today’s business world, partnering with a professional, experienced, and dedicated Executive Coach is a smart choice.

With more than 20 year of experience as an Executive Coach, Human Resources Manager, and Trainer, I can provide your company’s executive leadership, employees, and key stakeholders with the training, coaching, and guidance that is key to your company’s comeback, growth and success. I understand just how important it is for you to have a reliable partner to help you address these key personnel issues, and who will solely dedicated to provide you and your employees with the skills needed to successfully overcome the challenges of this rapidly-evolving, and changing work culture.

I am here to help you, and your team, improve the organizational culture, build employee morale, and create customized solutions that will help to make you move past these huge challenges and once again return to the status of an employer of choice.

Executive Coaching provides your leaders and employees:

•    Skills to improve your leadership’s team building skills that deepen their ability to build engaged,

      collaborative, and productive teams

•    Knowledge that will enhance their ability to manage in a diverse workforce that embraces diversity, 

      equity, inclusivity and belonging (DEIB)
•    Training to help improve key communication skills that help build rapport, clarity and trust 
•    Increased awareness to effectively work through sensitive employee relations issues 

Proven benefits of Executive Coaching and leadership training
•    Enhance the ability for your executive and leadership teams to provide key support with
     sensitive employee and labor relations issues

•    Possess the skills to help your organization work more efficiently, and with compassion
•    Provide their employees with confidence to return to work, hybrid schedules, and personnel             

     concerns that have arisen in a post-pandemic work culture

    How to work in a union environment and build relationships with union representatives
•    Identify key areas needed to address workplace safety, anti-bullying and harassment concerns

DiscoveringMastery Executive Coaching services are customized to fit your organization’s needs, work culture and business objectives
My expertise covers the following areas:

•    Employee Relations - based on my extensive knowledge on human resources best practices, policies, and procedures, I provide expert guidance and coaching on a broad range of employee relations matters which include: performance management, training, employee engagement, training, mediation, and conflict resolution
•    Labor Relations & Contract Negotiations – I am able to provide clients with guidance and executive coaching on labor relations matters, contract negotiations, and strategies for establishing collaboration between labor – management
•    Training, Coaching, and Mentoring programs - create customized training and safety programs to address employee development, education, identify best practices and introduce new trends in the industry; the training programs have also targeted workplace safety, harassment, discrimination, and related concerns
•    Professional, Confidential and Expedient Service - I provide professional delivery of coaching programs that are tailored to meet and/or exceed the client’s business goals and objectives


San Rafael, Ca

My consultant role with the Marin Housing Authority required that I perform highly complex administrative, technical and analytical duties to ensure compliance with Housing Authority policies, state and federal laws, county ordinances, and other regulations. My expert consultation services supported the executive team, supervisors and the employees in several key areas of human resources management: performance management, recruitment and selection, employee relations, training, and workers compensation claims

Martinez, Ca

I provided training, consultation, and support to the Contra Costa County, Elections Division, for the development, implementation, and delivery of training for polling place staff and volunteers. The training was specifically designed to provide key personnel with up-to-date processes, compliance issues, and tools for optimal electoral operations

Oakland, Ca

As a Senior Human Resources Consultant, my role for this large non-profit health care provider was to provide expert guidance, recommendations, and support in several key areas of employee and labor relations which included: disciplinary matters, labor-management relations, union negotiations, training, and executive coaching. My projects were primarily focused in the following key areas: 

•    Assist team leaders, managers, supervisors and the executive leaders in the following key areas: performance management, employee coaching and counseling, and training;  adopt La Clinica’s work culture to maintain the industry’s best standards and ensure employees were provided with best possible resolutions in accordance with the applicable MOU's

•    Conduct disciplinary investigations, identify possible violations based on documentation ad interview of witnesses; report findings, and make recommendations for the appropriate level of discipline; prepare disciplinary notices to meet La Clinica’s policies and procedures, human resources best practices, and compliance with statutory requirements and relevant union bylaws

•    Strong collaboration with union representatives, union stewards, and their members. I was entrusted with building and maintaining strong labor-union relations, and participating in labor negotiations as a part of the management’s negotiations team


My Executive Coaching services are customized to your company's goals, objectives, and unique work  environment. No project is too small, so if all you need is a two-hour workshop, or half-day training, reach out to me and let me take this “off of your plate". I will create a program that will meet, or exceed your expectations.


Remember, employees who feel appreciated and valued are much more willing to elevate their game for their employer – and they will demonstrate it. These employees are more likely to stay even in the midst of challenging times and their improved commitment can only elevate your company’s success!

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session so we can discuss how Executive Coaching can contribute to your company's ability to move forward  with enhanced resiliency, trust & successful collaboration!

      In Service,

        Leticia Lara

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