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Y♡U are so much STR♡NGER than what Y♡U have given yourself credit for...

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Despite the extreme challenges and hardships that we have endured, we ought to take a moment to acknowledge some of the traits and qualities that many have demonstrated in response to these extraordinary times.

I’d like to remind us that the pandemic has also inspired some of the best of our humanity, and many of Y♡U have been the reason we have witnessed many acts of kindness, caring, and compassion here are just a few ways that I would describe Y♡U:

➳♥ resourceful

➳♥ brave

➳♥ resilient

➳♥ courageous

➳♥ innovative

sooooo, moving forward, remember that it’s ♡K to acknowledge & appreciate the many ways you have bravely reinvented Y♡URSELF and in times like these, let us not overlook the value of good mental health.

Let’s BE ♡K with pausing to reflect &


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