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Loving and Experienced Guidance during Grief

As a Life Mastery Coach,

I have the honour of taking a deep dive with clients who are mourning the death of a loved one.

The best way I know how to support a grieving widow, parent, child, is to create a safe and sacred space where talking about their beloved is ♡K T♡ D♡.

During a coaching session, we’ll hold conversations that will help guide a client to to live each day with a willing heart, a heart that was open to receiving greater clarity on how to live fully on purpose, engaged in this thing called life & living intentionally no matter how long it’s been since someone has suffered a loss.

It is ♡K to have conversation(s) about the future when the person is ready. An experienced life coach can help a grieving spouse/parent/child to start to look toward a future that feels fully supported by their beloved in this post-covid era. Many, many have suffered huge losses and even when someone leaves the physical body it does not mean that we cannot receive their guidance, and their loving support. ♡H, nooooo the opposite is true. When we call upon them by name, I believe it is their great J♡Y to respond. And it is so wonderful to share that many of my clients have experienced this.

I will assist you with identifying processes that will continue to be a part of your daily practices to connect and to feel your beloveds guidance and daily reassurance.

——— ღღღ ———

Soooooo, when you start to feel down, and negativity wants to put a choke hold on you, don’t be afraid to call upon your loved ones who are no longer here in the physical form. And if you need a little love-nudge, don’t be afraid to call upon an experienced Life Mastery Coach. I will gladly respond.

➳♥ ӏҽեíϲíɑ ӏɑɾɑ

ӏíƒҽ ʍɑՏեҽɾվ ϲ♡ɑϲհ

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